If you have diabetes ... Read this important medical news

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If you have diabetes ... Read this important medical news

Canadian researchers said that an experimental vaccine that contains tiny particles of protein that the immune system was able to treat diabetes type I among mice, raising hopes for a possible use for the treatment of human beings. And get young people with diabetes type I when there is a bug in a particular type of cells Balls of white blood cells known as the "T" and begin to attack the cells responsible for insulin secretion in the pancreas. But Dr. Pierre Santamaria from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, who published his study in the Journal of Immunology, said Thursday that the cells of the "T" is not all harmful

The Santamaria in a statement "necessarily occur internal war among the cells of the" T "aggressive you want to talk of illness and the cells of the" T "weaker that you want to stop it." And he wanted the research team, led by Santamaria to find a way to address the negative reaction of the immune system of self-harm immune Assembly. The team developed a so-called "vaccine micro" is a particle smaller than several times of the cell covered parts of the protein specific to diabetes Type I is linked with molecules play a crucial role in pushing these fragments of proteins of the cells "T". and when he gave the team the vaccine to mice at an early stage of diabetes type I and found that the vaccine stop progression of the disease. The vaccine helped mice with diabetes to fully restore the normal levels of sugar in the blood

The team said the vaccine is apparently by increasing the number of cells of the "T" working to address the attack cells of the "T" of aggression that destroys the beta cells that secrete insulin. He said that the results of the study may provide indications of how to deal with other diseases of the immune system of self-such as scleroderma tissue and rheumatoid arthritis. The Diabetes Type I diabetes, who knows little about ten percent of the estimated 180 million cases of diabetes in the world. Most patients suffer from diabetes type II diabetes, which usually caused by fatty diets and lack of exercise

At the level of Germany Akharda expert in the treatment of diabetes to create a national register in Germany for people living with this disease. In an interview with German news agency «AP», yesterday in Dresden, "said Professor Peter Schwartz of the University Hospital: experiences in other countries such as Finland have shown that this record improves the quality of care and reducing costs. Began yesterday at the Sixth Global Forum of Dresden for the prevention of diabetes. The professor, who heads the Forum: «spread of diabetes in the world such as epidemic». Professor scientists believe that 70% of the injuries stroke back to the diabetes, he said, adding: «It can also help this record diabetics to obtain information and advice better diabetes, and be surveyed and awareness about the disease better, enabling them to discussion with their doctor about the disease, and share his opinion on the remedies ».

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