The benefits of plant patience, the most important benefits of plant patience What are the benefits plant patience

The benefits of plant patience
Herb patience and patience, the benefits of plant
The benefits of patience or cactus plant

Patience herbal plant Muammar a length of about 50 cm, has a leaf Khanjrip form full-day hands Water knows no color, the edges of leaves rack, forklifts and May the securities shank and end the top of the paper fork sharp, and graduated leaf stalk Almottagzm in a spiral, flowers large, appear in the form of a rare form of cluster Nuwara branch and flowers of different colors.

Known by several names such as patience, cactus and write-offs, there are several types of it but the most important types and the best are:

1 - Patience is normal and is home to such tropical regions of the continent of Africa and the most important producing countries, Guinea and South Africa, Ghana and Sumatra «Indonesia» Peru «Latin America», Uganda, Madagascar and the island of Socotra, «the most important commercial center it» and the Hijaz, Yemen, and is characterized by Bozharh yellow leaves are short.

2 - Patience is the African type, which is similar except that the former leaves a short, green and reddish orange flowers. The home of this kind in the Arabian Peninsula.

3 - Patience is Asian and is characterized by this type leg long, up to about 3.5 meters and leaves far too many length about 60 cm width 3.5 cm and the top surface of the color of dark green and lower blue-green and the edge of the thorns thin Alnoarp floral branching Unlike previous types, flowers, dense orange or white in color.

And tracking of all three types of species Alzenbakip «Liliaceae».

Plant drought

Patience is grown in dry areas and bear thirst or rain is falling, and enjoys all types of cultivation in most of the land to the various limestone and rocky but they prefer to land light. Grown impatient at any time of the year, except during January and would prefer the first cultivation of spring and summer.

Attending the patient in several ways, including ancient and modern, including:

The old way:

Dig a deep hole in the ground about meter and a half to two meters in diameter as well and then cover the walls and floor of the pit sheepskin cleaner or plastic cleaner and cut leaf at its base and degeneration in the hole, which is part of the lump based on the land of the hole where the drain bile sticky and covered the hole until it is out gunk, and then continues to cover the hole and leave the sticky juices dry in the sun and then damage the skin or the plastic lining of the pit is the kind that attends this way is the best kind of patience.

Way split:

Cut leaves into small pieces and placed in containers made of ivory or tin with holes in its base for the juices flowing through them and received in other containers This process is repeated every two days and then renewed again leaves, then dried and kept in the bile of the metal cylinder.

How cold era:

Split leaves cut into small pieces by special machines so, then squeezed automatically with the presence of water until we get a sticky sap. This is the way of the best ways to produce large quantities of latex patience, then pass the juice containers perforated «screen» to purify the bile parts of the papers and leave the pure juice evaporates in order to be free of water and be in the form of a solid mass.

There are also other ways to prepare the patient gives a product of poorer quality than previous methods such as water extraction, as well as there is a mechanism of modern methods of preparation reservation as much useful material from the patient.

The benefits and advantages

Has the patience (Gelkozydat Antrakenonip) and vary these active substances in the proportion of composition and type depending on the type of patience, for example, we find that patience Asian containing only composite (Gelkoside) one is (Aloiin) Aloin as containing other species on (Aloiin and Barbaloiin) as well as the amount of the compound called (Aloiimodin) and so on.

The benefits of patience are numerous it is used for thousands of years to treat many diseases have been mentioned in the book of prophetic medicine, and that it was narrated by Abu Dawud in the Book of Zelda from the hadeeth of Qais bin Substance Qaisi, may Allah be pleased with him that the Messenger of Allah r said: «What's in two of healing? Patience and Ivae »In the year to Abu Dawood narrated from Umm Salamah said:« The Messenger of God when he died, Abu Al-Salamah - has made on the patient, he said: "Why, Umm Salamah? I said: It is only patience, O Messenger of God is not a good thing, he said: It is jasper face, do not make him only at night. It is forbidden to him during the day ».

He said in prophetic medicine that patience is useful if painted on the front painted roses for the treatment of headaches, and of benefit in ulcers on the nose and mouth, and Ibn al-Bitar patience: «It competencies for Whitlow and to benefit the Oncology and blisters and pain in the joints and ulcers on the nose and mouth, muscle, which on the side of the tongue coating and drink» The Antioch said him: «patience of drugs useful for chest pain and diseases of the stomach and strengthens the action of medicines and go itching, sores, red honey coating, and kohl by the limits of sight, the cooking water leek healed the diseases of the stomach and dropped piles».

It has internal uses

Patience is taken by 50 to 100 mg Kmqo and laxative for constipation, cramping, and cases of poor digestion. Is also taken by 100 to 500 mg as a facilitator.

- Has a beneficial effect for an ulcer of the stomach and intestine and appendix, and care must be taken when given to pregnant women and patients with hemorrhoids because congestion occurs in the members of the pelvis.

- Lowers blood sugar parts simple.

.. And the uses of foreign

- Using Juice papers patience in fresh paint skin burning skin from the sun, especially during the summer on the beach and others.

- Ease the pain of different skin burns and is used in healing wounds and some skin diseases and is used by women to moisturize and soften the skin of the face and extremities.

- Using Kdhan to ease the pain of arthritis.

- Included in many hair tonics and shampoos.

- Intervention components patience in cosmetics to moisturize and soften skin complexion, according to the speed of wound healing and the removal of warts.

- Used of women in the south of the kingdom juice cards to children as weaning paint nipple ulcer due to the severe bitterness when the child Iltqm nipple feel extreme bitterness does not come back closer to the breast and thus Inaftm child, and this bitterness reminiscent of the following verses:

Came to me and Donny both Alraiian

News confluence with the Tigris matter of patience

Do not count the glory dates you eat

Will not reach its glory until licking patience

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