Minor changes in food and sports do not protect against obesity

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Minor changes in food and sports do not protect against obesity

Some experts find that small changes in food and sports do not protect against the evil of obesity.

Ashraf Obocalalp from Cairo: at the time had already been concluded by some experts in obesity that minor changes to diet and exercise will provide protection for children from the risk of putting on weight, demonstrated a range of mathematical models that a different result. , Where the New York Times in the American framework of a lengthy report which highlights some of the findings of those interesting finding. It says - according to many scientific studies - that the introduction of minor changes to the quantities that they obtained the body of calories, hardly has the impact of long-term weight control.

And notes the paper to comment here as well, which was finally published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which emphasized that the theory of "minor changes" failed to take the coping mechanisms Alkhasam body into account. The
Proved, according to scientists, that the rise in levels of obesity among children over the past few decades, can not be interpreted as being dealt with on a daily basis the amount of additional soda consists of 100 calories, or the presence of fewer physical education classes. As it turns out that a lack of cake or a small walk to school were taking place barely a bearing on the imbalance of calories, which goes beyond the ability of most individuals to deal with him on a personal level.

This does not mean that small improvements are useless - on the contrary. But people need to look realistically at what they can achieve. For his part, says Dr. David Ludwig, director of the project optimal weight for Life Program at Children's Hospital Boston and co-author in the commentary of the medical magazine the American Medical Association: "doctors, we celebrated the changes minor because they often lead to big changes. Has proven to be the boy, who suffering from obesity and cut the number of hours watching the TV from six to five hours each day, may continue the time to reduce the number of hours watching over it. However, it would be entirely unrealistic to believe that those changes alone will lead to significant loss of weight. "

Here, the paper points out that the secret to this lies in the biological sense of the body. Show by saying "remains a person's body stable as long as the number of calories consumed does not exceed the amount of calories used by the body, both in sports and to maintain basic body functions. And that as long as the changes the balance between calories in and calories out, we are gaining or losing weight . but the objects do not gain or lose weight for an indefinite period, where he spoke at the end of the day a series of biological changes that help the body to maintain the weight again. "

According to an article he published in the magazine, the person who deals with a little extra cake on a daily basis, will gain a measure of weight, but over time, we will as well as an increasing proportion of the calories of the cake to take care of excess body weight. Finally, the body begins to adapt, and then stop weight gain, even if the person continues to take the cake. When refrain from eating the cake-in, begin to enter similar factors come into play. Could lose a small amount of Oozanna at first, but quickly adapted to the new body weight, and have need for fewer calories. But the body, unfortunately, is more resistant to weight loss weight gain.

Here, the movement of the newspaper about Dr. Jeffrey Friedman, head of the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics of the Rockefeller University, U.S., who was a lead in the detection signal "leptin" hormone produced by the cells of the body fat and regulate food intake and energy consumption, as saying: "There is a larger picture of analysis cake every day. If I asked a passerby in the street (Why is the person's obesity?), Vstgdam say: (because they eat too much). a view which is undoubtedly true, but the deeper question is: what they eat so much? - It is now clear that there are many important factors to eat, and that the issue is not a conscious decision or stems from the vision of greater knowledge exclusively. "

The Oohel James, director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado in Denver, says that at the same time require the weight loss, significant changes in the pattern of life, the taking of additional calories through small steps, can help delay and prevent weight gain. At a time when it seemed clear that the small steps will not be likely to be solved the crisis of obesity experienced by the United States, doctors say that decreases a small amount of weight, eat more foods useful for the healthy heart, increased exercise, can lead to a change of a significance in the field of public health and the risk of heart disease and diabetes. However, it is recommended d / Ludwig pursuing minor changes, such as watching television for hours less, or eating a small amount of additional vegetables, because such changes may be a prelude to bigger changes in the pattern of life, and perhaps eventually lead to weight loss. But back to confirm the company of others that resistance to obesity will require larger changes, such as regulating food advertising to children and the elimination of government subsidies that make food fast food cheap and profitable.

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