Natural honey .. reduce episodes of night cough in children

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Natural honey .. reduce episodes of night cough in children

The mother is one teaspoon of honey for the child, who suffers from night cough, associated with colds, the best thing we could do to alleviate the child and to facilitate his immortality to sleep time, and also to facilitate the mother's sleep themselves. This is the advice that reached by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania when the effect of honey compared the impact of either one of the best types of cough syrup ease or not to take anything, to reduce the suffering from bouts of coughing at night in children.

This raises the new study, published in the December issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, two important aspects about the benefits of medical therapeutic use of honey, and also on the means non-drug to treat symptoms associated with colds in children and adults, cough and more. Especially with the medical orientation towards preventing the use of children below the age of fourteen, for any types of cough syrup containing substances harmful to their health.

It is well known medically that there is no scientific evidence on the feasibility of any effective pharmaceutical treatments available in the market to relieve bouts of coughing associated with colds. Perhaps the most famous is commonly used, various types of cough syrup containing a quantity of drug Dickstrwamithorvan dextromethorphan. But no scientific evidence to prove that he is already at work on the elimination of bouts of coughing or mitigation, but on the contrary, there is scientific evidence that the drug may be harmful, especially for children. Which was previously health supplement in the Middle East talk about on several occasions addressed to the warnings of global medical bodies to provide the types of cough syrup for children.

* Honey and medicine as it is known that honey is used traditionally in many parts of the world as a medicine natural to deal with bouts of coughing, but there are doctors who see him a therapy safe and effective compared with those types of bottles «syrup cough» that fill the shelves of pharmacies here and there.

From these observations move Dr. Ian Paul and colleagues, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania in Hershey. They have a comparative study for the treatment of cough, night shifts caused by colds in children. They compared the three therapeutic regimens for cough. The first component of a spoon of honey buckwheat buckwheat honey and in French: sarrasin, provide for the child when he went to sleep. And the second to one teaspoon of honey-flavored syrup contains a drug Dickstrwamithorvan, but not the honey. And the third not to provide anything to drink for the child to cough if near immortality to sleep.

Included in this study 105 children who seek any treatment reduces their night bouts of coughing associated with colds, so relaxed, it In order to be able to sleep quietly. Were divided into three groups, dealing with children in the group the first spoon of honey, and the second teaspoon of cough syrup-flavored honey, which has developed on the property mentioned, and the third does not deal with children in which anything for the cough. The researchers followed children and their parents the day before the start of the child was none of the three therapeutic regimes, the next day to do so. In order to assess if the child has bouts of coughing and the extent of his immortality to sleep, and also the impression of parents if the child's cough and the degree to which parents of sleep that night.

Researchers took into account that the instructions on handling children's medical honey, which advises against dealing with the child under the age of one year of age honey. Reason is that there is a certain very rare types of botulism poisoning secretions one type of bacteria that might be attached honey, which may hurt their children. Children over the age of years, the honey is something safe. The researchers gave doses of honey for children between two to five years by half a tablespoon. And provided to those who are between the ages of 6 to 11 years, the amount of a tablespoon of honey, and those aged 12 and over, took two tablespoons of honey.

And between the three groups, researchers found that children who ate the honey received with the greatest reduction in frequency and severity of seizures, and therefore easy for them sleep better, and enable their parents sleep longer hours. This is compared with the intake of cough syrup containing material Dickstrwamithorvan with whom did not take anything to alleviate the bouts of coughing at night.

* Treat honey and there are several interpretations of the usefulness of honey in reducing cough these children, one of them Dr. Paul has proved that honey taste of something sweet and in the form of approach to drink, so it can dampen the throat and ease the irritation. They also stressed their belief that the antioxidants abundant in the honey, a role in the matter. In addition, remind them that the former medical studies have confirmed that honey contains anti-microbial, and not just anti-bacterial. It is known that antibiotics without dealing with viruses, bacteria, and colds, in the early stages, but are due to human exposure to viral infections in the tissues of the upper parts of the respiratory system, and not bacteria. Cough or coughing are a reaction by the respiratory system to keep the channels of the throat and airways free of mucus secretions, or any other materials impede the flow of air through easily. And so, despite the inconvenience caused by the coughing of the human being, but a useful means to address the body and protect himself. And classify cough that «severe», when the last for at least two to three. And that the «chronic», when it lasts for longer than that.

* Coughs and colds and the majority of the causes of acute cough are viral or bacterial infections, as in the common cold or influenza or acute throat infections or various other parts of the respiratory tract. The causes of chronic cough range between asthma and allergic diseases and chronic obstructive air channels in the lung or rewind the stomach acids into the esophagus or the result of addressing some of the medicines.

Accompanied by a cough, colds, as one of the signs of infection. But common symptoms include runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, and pain in the throat, headache, high fever and others. There are more than 200 kinds of viruses that can cause colds, but it is important to note that colds are quite different from influenza, the microbes that cause any of them and also symptoms that seem to the patient.

And cases of colds are very common. The estimated statistics in the United States alone, only to hit more than one billion colds each year you get it. Children are more vulnerable to infection, and the natural rate is that a child is between 3 and 8 common cold per year. Although the majority of colds you get in the winter, but the contagion will continue throughout the year. Typically, children pick up this infection from their peers and colleagues in school or places to play. The adults, of fathers and mothers, often pick up infections from their children. The period is most likely to cause infection of others is the first three days of onset, and fade away the ability of infection of others with the seventh day to start a bad cold in humans what. This is still cold primary reason for the absence of children to attend school, as well as to the absence of adults for their actions.

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