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A new study published in the health of children recently that could increase the proportion of children smarter
And vitality to address five types of foods added to their diets

The researchers explained in the field of nutrition that the food children should include five major types of foods that
Make them more intelligent, a peanut butter that contain fat responsible for the growth mental and cognitive skills
And whole milk rich in fatty acids, cholesterol needed by the children, especially those who did not exceed two

In the opinion of these researchers that cholesterol is essential for children in this stage for his role in building and activate nerve cells and brain,
It is also
Help to isolate the brain cells, and thus reduces the presence of short-circuits the functions of communication

Stressed Dr. "Elizabeth Ward", author feed children on the importance of eggs in the child nutrition for its rich cholesterol
And protein
And nutrients necessary for growth, such as choline-like vitamin "B", which animal studies have shown its ability to improve
Learning and memory

She also underlined the importance of fish food within five stimulant of intelligence, especially tuna, is rich in fatty acids
Multiple saturation type of omega that are found in normal brain cells, which is necessary for the safety of the mind and body

Finally, the researcher recommended adding red meat to the children's food as it contains huge amounts of iron, protein and fiber
Vitamins and vitamin "12" in particular

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