Care cradle

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Care cradle

Healthy life of the mother means:

Early care even before pregnancy occurs.
Eat a balanced diet, which contains the vitamin supplements that contain acid Foly "folic lion."
Exercise on a regular basis and after consultation with the doctor.
Avoid drinking alcohol, and cigarettes, and illicit drugs and reduce the intake of caffeine.
Avoid exposure to X-rays, hot baths, saunas (Sunn).
To avoid infections

Access to appropriate care:

Medical care does not begin before pregnancy never occurs. And begin to see a doctor at the beginning of pregnancy, and be once every month and that increase later to once a week sooner appointment situation, will the doctor or nurse at each visit, the work of a series of examinations and tests to make sure your health and the health of your child, including: measuring the growth of the uterus, listening to heart beat the child, the mother's blood pressure measurement, weight, and the work of Paul analyzes whether there was by protein or sugar, which could be symptoms of some health problems. And will ask the doctor about the existence of any health problems such as lack of clear vision, a muscle strain in your legs, cramps in the abdominal area, or unusual headache it.
You will also be detected ultrasound, and the work of genetic tests during pregnancy. These visits, something vital and necessary for your health and the health of your child.

Feed two.

Good nutrition is another crucial step to have a child properly. Pregnant women need about 300 extra calories on a daily basis for the continuation of her pregnancy. On average, what you expect women to get from the calories during pregnancy (Anzerherm food). Should be the extra calories consumed nutritious. You also need a pregnant woman to a balanced diet and include an integrated protein, fruits, vegetables and grains of all kinds, with a minimum of sugars and fats.

And nutrition experts recommend a pregnant woman and pregnancy to increase the ratios of the food you eat each day to become the following proportions: (see food pyramid)

The proportion of bread and cereals all kinds of 6 - 11 amount.
The proportion of vegetables from 3 - 5.
The proportion of milk and milk products from 4 - 6.
The proportion of meat and proteins from 3 - 4.
Address 6 - 8 cups water, and soft drink only one or a cup of coffee a day to reduce the intake of caffeine.

Was discovered some of the nutrients that provide maternal and child benefits specific, such as vitamins (b), which is of particular importance as it assists the kind of vitamin "B" (folate) or form of the compound (acid Foly) to reduce the risk of abnormalities in the brain and spine. Sources include nature of the acid Foly on green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans, lemon and orange. And this acid is also available in many cereals and some vitamin supplements. One of the most common diseases caused by vitamin A deficiency is not complete, the growth of the lumbar spine which does not attach to the spine and nerve-wracking confrontation him and left the child suffering from different types of diseases and not governed by the paralysis in the urine and feces and sometimes cause mental retardation.

There are also additional material nutritious and important for the health of mother and child is a calcium and iron important articles that should be addressed, in particular during pregnancy. And address additional calcium to prevent the mother from a lack of bone density because the fetus which absorbs minerals needed for the growth of bones. Iron helps both the mother and her child to carry oxygen. Most women need supplements to these materials to maintain water levels appropriate for these metals. And help deal with a daily multivitamin supplement to fill the gaps in the days that do not address where the pregnant woman and food meals in an integrated manner, and before eating them to consult her doctor in quantity.

Avoid infection.
Infections are a risk to the unborn child after (the fetus) and should be treated urinary tract infection or any sexually transmitted diseases on the spot.
And may contain bed cats or meat on the immature parasite "Toxoplasma Gondii" which causes "Toxoplasmosis" Totxoblazemoziz that is dangerous to the child and the incidence of such infections rarely occur. But if hit by a pregnant woman to her child would be a serious disease or death. As a precaution, someone else takes care of cats, you must wear a face mask and rubber gloves to protect you. Avoid eating immature or food cooked and contaminated with bacteria that moved him to eat immature
And can cause food poisoning disease, inflammation of the meninges (meningitis) or pneumonia, or lead to the death of the fetus. The vomiting and diarrhea that comes with food poisoning, leaving the mother tired, and with the drought.

Quit drinking and smoking for the health of your child
Almost everyone knows that pregnant women should not have to drink alcohol or smoke, which is one of the most common sources of the problems of pregnancy. And increase the birth rate of children not completed their growth, or weight, or exposed to death before birth for women smokers compared with children of non-smokers. After birth, we find the children of women who Qmn smoking during pregnancy were more prone to lung disease. And the incidence of asthma and respiratory infections, and increased risk of sudden death of the child. If women took up smoking at an early stage of pregnancy, it is still able to increase their access to child correctly. The father or any member of the family to quit smoking as well, proved equally dangerous passive smoking (inhaling the person non-smoker to smoke cigarettes).
Alcohol destroys the embryo, which is growing because it goes into the bloodstream and the mother who drink alcohol as if her baby also drinks, drinking alcohol, causing mental retardation and facial deformity.

It was also dangerous for pregnant women, where an X-ray radiations malformations of the fetus. The steam baths and hot water works to raise the temperature of a woman's body is likely to be harmful to children, this does not prevent a pregnant woman to take a warm bath to keep the water temperature the temperature of the mother's body.
Suited to some of the drugs used by pregnant women, if there is a need to use it. And pregnant women not taking any medicine, even if it is allowed to be dealt with, unless you consult her doctor first.

It would be preferable, if possible, avoid taking drugs or eating more than one medicine at the same time in the first three months. Is taken as the lowest possible doses of treatment. There are also some drugs that have been used in pregnancy did not cause any problems. It must address the risks of the drug in exchange for benefits such as, for example: we find that some of the epilepsy drugs known to cause deformities, while the seizures themselves lead to damage in the brains of the fetus. Most experts agree that the benefits of statin therapy in such cases than the risks of dealing with.

The other drugs in spite of, the benefits and risks of non-specific. And scientific information that can be relied upon for taking the medications during pregnancy are often incomplete or absent. If you take any drug Ms. Then I discovered she was pregnant, they must wait before taking any decisions regarding her pregnancy and after consultation with her doctor. And lacks approximately 80% of the approved real estate to the existence of scientific evidence regarding the appropriate use during pregnancy, and this does not necessarily mean they are harmful to the fetus drugs or doses described serious.

* Nutrition for pregnant and when breastfeeding

Food must be fully comprehensive, balanced and all the nutrients such as protein - carbohydrates - fat - minerals - vitamins, in order to maintain the health of the mother and child during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Recommends an increase of carrier proteins, minerals and vitamins and reduce the carbohydrates and fats such as cream and butter.

* Integrated Food:

Must contain the integrated daily diet of three meals at least, and each meal must contain at least an item from each of the three main groups as follows:

1 - Food energy and effort: (carbohydrate and fat) which provide the body with energy required for the activity and movement.
- Cereals and products: such as bread
- Rice - pasta .. Etc..
- Tubers such as: potatoes - potato .. Etc..
- Sugars and sweets.
- Oils and fats.

2 - Food & construction: a source of protein that helps build and repair body tissues.
- Animal sources, such as: meat, birds, fish and dairy products.
- Plant sources such as: Beans of all kinds.
- And we must focus on dairy products in particular.

3 - Food & prevention: the sources of vitamins and minerals, such as vegetables and fresh fruit of all kinds.

* For the pregnant woman: You must increase the quantity of their food usually by one-sixth and the increase should be balanced and that all groups represented by taking into account the increase in the second half of pregnancy in particular are advised to avoid eating too much of foods high salinity, such as Almc - Pickle - sardines salted and Alvesik.

* For a woman breast-feeding: You should increase the amount of normal diet by a third, the increase should be balanced in all nutrients and recommends the reduction of certain foods that may cause allergic reactions or swelling in children, such as chocolate - cabbage and broccoli. Should also avoid drugs only to consult a doctor because some medications excreted in breast milk.

- Must be increased attention to food during pregnancy in the following cases:
1 - pregnancies before the age of 17 or after age 35 years.
2 - cases that suffer from malnutrition at the start of pregnancy.
3 - frequent pregnancies (if the interval between each pregnancy and last less than two years).
4 - cases of obesity, especially if the food contains carbohydrates and fats, in large quantities and lacks protein, vitamins and minerals.
5 - cases in which no more than the weight of Ms. natural increase.
6 - cases, "Bakrip" first pregnancy of the woman. Cases, which gives the date of birth or premature mortality at birth

* The neglect of nutrition in a pregnant woman may lead to a shortage in the child's weight at birth and is in danger of different diseases can lead to higher mortality rate in the first years of life.

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