Kidney disease in children increase their chances of having high blood pressure

The high blood pressure is known in adults more than children, and that the seriousness of the disease lies in that if not detected

And treatment, this will lead to a heart attack and kidney failure in the work, and to take caution should be measured pressure

Each time a review of the child to any clinic, even detects and looking at the cause and work with proper treatment.

Must therefore be measured accurately and is the query from the family's history Is there anyone afflicted with high blood pressure.

And blood pressure is a product of the resistance in the bloodstream and the amount of blood pumped from the heart. For the accurate measurement must be

The child is comfortable and the device suitable for the child's age and weight.

Especially in young children must be drawn to the size of the device rolling on hand during the measurement of blood pressure, and must

That covers two thirds of the party between the shoulder and elbow.

Can not be said that the child has high blood pressure only after the measure several times and multiple instances of the child (comfortable,

Sitting, did not take the drugs raise the pressure), blood pressure consists of Qraien: systolic blood pressure (Systolic) and pressure

Diastolic blood (Diastohi).

The systolic pressure increases gradually with age and with weight, and there are tables of medical knowledge of appropriate age, weight,

To measure blood pressure and continuous blood pressure more than 59% for age and weight is not normal and needs

Tests in addition to studying the history of the disease.

It is imperative that measured blood pressure in four extremities (hands and feet), because there are some

Conditions such as narrowing of the aorta outside of the heart feeds the body, where the pressure is high in

Hands and normal or low in the legs.

Medical reasons for high blood pressure:

There are two types of high blood pressure may be a preliminary Essential Hypertension), or secondary

(Secondary Hypertenison), In the first type there is no medical reason for the disease and are often present in adults

And older and usually have a history of the family to this disease Most people have their parents had the same disease,

Has been found in medical studies and research conducted on the number of patients they are sensitive to salt, if consumed

Salt, the pressure rise.

The secondary blood pressure is more common in children and may be temporary or chronic, which is secondary to illness or

As a result of taking treatments, and the most important causes: kidney disease include inflammation of the renal pelvis, kidney patient

Balotfh skin, bruise or a blow to the kidneys, SLE, cancer, blood moving to the kidneys, blockage in

Streams kidney, a tumor in the kidney, expand the renal pelvis, congenital malformations of the kidneys.

And also the use of certain medications such as cortisone or increase to take vitamin D, some diseases of the nervous system

Such as inflammation of brain tissue disease and Stephen Johnson, and several other diseases such as high levels of calcium

In the blood. In some vascular diseases affect blood pressure, such as narrowing of the aorta,

And narrowing of the Artery of the College.

Some diseases of the glands, such as increased secretion of the thyroid gland, and adrenal gland and diabetes may affect the kidneys

And lead to high blood pressure, kidney disease is the most important reason for high blood pressure, they represent about

08% of the reasons.

* What are the symptoms?

- The symptoms depend on the cause, but most infected children complain of headaches, dizziness and sometimes squirm.

If the child is suffering from kidney failure in the work, it will result in growth retardation and weight loss.

Some very young children can not speak for the headache, but no child has a lack of growth should be measured pressure

His blood. To find out the reasons must be taken full story of the disease and taking the family history and symptoms associated with, and then

Full disclosure to the patient a comprehensive clinical measurement of blood pressure in the four parties, and the initial analysis

Paul, and send a comprehensive analysis of blood and kidney function and blood cells and hemoglobin and send a sample of urine

Of agriculture in the laboratory to see if there was a microbe in the urinary tract, and must work X-ray

Of the images and layout of the heart and voice-ray of the heart, and the acoustic beams to the kidneys and urinary tract, and in some cases

As the case may be requested ray color urinary system. In light of this can request certain types of rays

Or analysis.

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