Women more responsive to the positions of ridiculous

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Women more responsive to the positions of ridiculous

Washington researchers found that women are more responsive to the ridiculous attitudes of men, as well as strong memory.

The researchers pointed out that the study Ojrwha at Stanford University through the use of MRI, where they discovered through which the women actually affected by the attitudes of comedy more than men and therefore more responsive to the positions of ridiculous.


Experts have attributed to the nature of their daily lives and responsibilities, much lower than for men, which makes them less tense and serious reception issues, as well as the instinct of femininity compel them always to show the humor, either by laughing or smiling, and using the same techniques, were subjected a group of women to study to learn the secret of the strength of women when they relate to memory things matrimonial.

The researchers found that women's brains remember feelings more accurately than man's brain, because of the link between behavior, cognitive and structural brain are active when subjected to stimulate emotional, and by psychologists at Stanford University, conducted several tests on groups of women and men to determine the strength of memory by identifying Photos impressive after three weeks of view for the first time.

The researchers observed after analysis of X-ray images generated by magnetic resonance imaging of the brains of the participants in the study during the watching of the images, that women are more accurate in remembering the men by between 10 - 15%, and the response has been nervous for the viewer emotional more active in women than in men.

They say that women's brains more organized to recognize and remembered the feelings and emotions, which made the women recall the greater proportion of emotional arousal, compared with men.

According to undertaking the study, these conclusions are consistent with what shown by previous research proved that there are differences in the functioning of the brain in women and men, and women enjoy the strongest memory with regard to CV too, and not for the events of your country only.

Scientists believe that this study helps in understanding the biological basis of reasons for the prevalence of clinical depression among women than men, noting that women are using the logical and emotional lobes much better than men.

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