Benefits peel vegetables

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Benefits peel vegetables

Tip: If you want to fight cancer
Get rid of the knife peeling fruit and vegetables
Because the fruit rind improved mood and contain different types of vitamins.

To convey to you the interest, which lies in the peel of fruits and vegetables
It is known that within the fruit is very useful, but also useful shells significantly
But because of pesticides that affect the cobalt warns of fruit and preferably cleaned well.

• Kiwi: nutrition experts say that the Kiwi's crust contains a quantity of antioxidants
More than the contents of the pulp three times
And Keeps of bacteria such as E. coli E-Coli. Nibble a grain of gold kiwi fresh
Because the amount of lint covered by less than 50%.

You can grind a number of them savoring the Btamha refreshing.

• Orange: The orange peel experts to contain limonene (de)
That reduce cholesterol in the blood
And reduce the harmful effects left behind by UV rays by 70%.
So save your nails and eating orange in full.

Add orange peel or section Almbroc to various types of power and cauliflower
With cheese and salmon cooked.

• Potato: Why not try eating potatoes as they are? Experts have found that the potato peel
Provide the body what it needs of fiber, potassium, iron, zinc and vitamin C.

• Bananas: The researchers found that banana peel contains large amounts of lutein Lutein
Which protects the eye, as well as material Srotonin that improve mood.

Kibble bananas with milk and honey, and enjoy the taste of this delicious drink.

• Apple: Beware of peeling apples! Rind of the fruit contains antioxidants unique
Tritrbenwid invited to contribute in the fight against liver cancer, breast and colon.

Dipping the apple pieces in the non-peeled peanut butter (Select type does not harm the heart)
Zest Btamha after a long day at work.

• Garlic: Peel the garlic contains antioxidants that fight the aging process and protects the heart.
Cloves garlic, cut into two parts and add them to grilled meat or vegetables

• Pomegranate: if crushed and put in boiling water, then add honey to it
Was useful for the treatment of stomach ulcer

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