Siesta settles the mind and strengthen the ability to learn

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Siesta settles the mind and strengthen the ability to learn

U.S. research has shown that taking an interview a short nap for an hour may revive the brain and enhance the ability to learn, and to reduce the hours of sleep slows down the movement of the mind.

The author of the study, Matthew Walker, a professor of psychology at the University of California at the level of sleep and cognitive neuroscientist "will take you to the post where I was before the nap."

The study included 39 young adult in good health, were split into two groups: the group was allowed to nap short and deprived of, in the afternoon subjected participants to learning tasks with a view to activation of the "hippocampus" hippocampus, a region responsible for memory in the brain.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, the first group Astjmt Bakilolp second 90-minute, while his second team awake, and then subjected to two training education at six in the evening.

The result was that the second group that remained awake throughout the day, it was the worst performance, in contrast to the first category, which have improved their capacity to learn and showed a marked improvement in the ability to actually learn.

In the opinion of other scientists that the nap to nap physiological need of human beings and nature, are within themselves to sleep on two different stages, and not sleeping at night only.

The finding strengthens the hypothesis that there is a need to sleep for the liquidation of the mind and the evacuation of "store" short-term memory storage, and make room for new information.

Previous studies have shown that the memories of reality stored temporarily in the "hippocampus" in the brain, such as being sent to the cortex, which lies at the front prefrontal cortex, which may have more storage space.

He explained Walker said: "" hippocampus "Just like a box of electronic messages received, even gain a share of sleep and give up" e-mails "are not able to receive new ones .. will continue to bounce back even to sleep to move it to another folder."

It is noteworthy that the results of initial research, presented to the Conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science "in San Diego, California last year.

The study comes in the wake of other British, published in March concluded that naps may lead to injury the second category of diabetes.

Scientists from the "University of Birmingham," an association between siesta and the possibility of diabetes, and naps, and even once a week, increase the chances of the second category of diabetes, and by 26 per cent.

Scientists say that sleep at night is necessary for the work of a number of vital functions of the human body, even to sleep for a short period during the night strengthens the skills of learning and memory.

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