Dryness of the skin Dry Skin

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Dryness of the skin Dry Skin

جفاف الجلد Dry Skin

Is the balance between the oils and moisture something vital for the skin properly and attractive. The sebaceous glands secrete oils that make your skin slippery. The moisture in the water inside the skin cells, which up to it through the blood. This is the water that keeps the skin cells in the case of full, healthy and look young active. Because the oils and moisture work together, they should be skin cells moist enough, should also be that there is sufficient oil to act as a shield to prevent excessive evaporation of moisture from the layers of skin.

There are actually two types of dry skin: dry skin, dry skin, a simple boat.

Simple dry skin results from a lack of natural oils, which vary causes. And are often seen in this case, women under the age of thirty five.
Dry skin lacks the complexity of the oils and moisture together, and is characterized by precise lines and brown spots and change in skin color and an increase in the size of the pores and sagging skin. And is usually associated with the aging process.

Dry skin tends to lack sparkle and because it Hrishvia and in the form of chips, which also consists of fine lines and wrinkles easily. And usually gives a feeling that tight and uncomfortable after washing unless you put it kind of refreshments or cream skin. The Alakecv cracks or signs of severe dehydration of the skin and its lack of water.

Of the usual dryness of the skin in areas of the body prone to natural factors such as the face and hands, but it may be a problem for the whole body too, especially in winter. It is a hereditary condition initially, but may arise (or exacerbated) due to poor diet and environmental factors such as exposure to sun or wind or cold or chemicals or cosmetics, or propagation of the shower using strong soaps.
May result in food shortages also dry skin, especially the lack of vitamin A and the B vitamins.
It seems light-skinned people are more likely than others to drier skin, especially with advancing age for them, the skin of the majority of people tends to become thinner and drier with age.
Many people have dry skin in some areas and oily in others. Tend skin of forehead, nose and chin to being a painting in the ideal case of the skin boat, while leaning to the rest of the skin covered parts of the face of drought.

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