Parkinson rehabilitation, your ally

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Parkinson rehabilitation, your ally


It will allow you to reclaim your body and reduce the inconvenience caused by the disease.

Stay flexible, be more precise gestures, better coordinate its movements ... this is what is the use of physiotherapy. The sessions consist mainly of joint flexibility, muscle stretching, rhythmic movements coupled with breathing exercises. To maintain a flexible approach, your physiotherapist will let you run games or equilibrium displacement on tiptoe. To walk at a good pace, it will make you step over obstacles placed at regular intervals on the ground. To write more easily, it will show the movements of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand.
You can make an appointment with the "massaging" as soon as the disease was diagnosed. It is possible to attend meetings from 2 to 5 times per week with rest periods. The costs are covered by Social Security under the treatment protocol established by your doctor.

Speech therapy
With the disease, the voice becomes monotonous, low and slow. Your face also fewer expressions. The speech therapy has a goal: to reduce these problems for communication with others is easier. You can also do some exercises at home. For example, read each day a few pages of a book aloud in the presence of someone. To work on your facial expressions, smile, blow up the cheeks, nose poke ... The costs are there yet supported by Social Security under the treatment protocol established by your doctor.

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