4 strategies anti-pockets

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4 strategies anti-pockets


Poor digestion, big trouble? After a night's sleep, the eyes need good drainage. To exit without dark glasses, try to start the revenue "home" which have proven!

Tea ...
Rich in tannins, it "attracts" the water stagnates in the tissues. The move faster? Apply tea bags warmed and cooled before your eyes closed.
Milk ...
Is lactic acid, glucose or calcium? Cold milk used in ice compresses for ten minutes works wonders on puffy eyelids. Appeasement guaranteed!
Blueberry ...
It is no coincidence that in the seventeenth century, was nicknamed the biennial flower "break-glasses". After having crushed with dew or rain water, apothecaries used it to soothe sensitive and irritated eyes. It is astringent (it tightens the tissues), so antipoches.
Sesame ...
Place a bag of sesame seeds on the eyelids for about fifteen minutes. Seed weight and has a relaxing effect on the drainage area of the face.
And the surgery?
When the upper and lower eyelids are relaxed, the fat located around the globe to protect it tends to accumulate, forming the famous "pockets" that afflict the eye from 40/50 years. The oval eyes "Slavic" type Marina Vladi, are generally more vulnerable than the hollow eyes, type Greta Garbo. It also happens that the pockets have a family character, and affect men and women from the age of 25/30 years. In both cases, definitive treatment offered by ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons is surgical. It involves removing excess fat located in the upper and lower lids, and tighten it. The scar is invisible. The operation is performed under local anesthesia assisted, or general.

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