It's spring: do a makeover!

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It's spring: do a makeover!

Spring Cleaning the skin with a scrub that is the fact. To find a cuddly body, all smooth, handsome and boost our cells!

Exfoliate the skin is somehow accelerate its transformation ... Admittedly, unlike animals, our skin renews itself continuously throughout the year. But during the winter hidden under the tights, socks and other warm clothing, small skin cells pile up instead of being eliminated in As. What gives this aspect dry, rough and gray. But in these films, white skin lies a new, just waiting to show! For, once stripped of its winter clothing, it boosts its production of new cells and stimulates their hydration system. Better, it becomes more receptive to active ingredients found in moisturizers, firming and slimming.

First, it itches
Erase or exfoliate (same thing), is rubbing the surface of the skin with a sort of cosmetic sand grain more or less important.
With what products? Synthetic, or better, as the natural crushed apricot kernels, sea salt or sugar. How to succeed in your scrubs? Moisten the skin in the shower, draw a generous knob of product you divide the body. Start with your feet, make circular movements, inch by inch to loosen the dead skin. Insist on the heels, knees, elbows and arms outside, where the skin is thicker. Do not scrub elsewhere to avoid irritation. Then rinse thoroughly.

Then hydrated
When rubbed with an exfoliant, it rids the skin of dead cells, but also the private, for four to five hours, its natural protection, the film hydrolipidic constituted, among other things, oil. If you dress after you have dried your skin will make you seem irritable.
Until this movie can reform itself, apply a moisturizer and smooth, to regain a feeling of comfort and well-being. You can use a body oil, provided it is of plant origin (shea butter, argan almond ...). Avoid the dry oil, because it has no property moisturizing and softening.

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