True / False on the iron

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True / False on the iron

Du fer dans les aliments

Not enough iron in our bodies and we are anemic. This nutrient can indeed red blood cells to carry oxygen to our cells. But do you really know what foods he is?

Spinach contains a lot of iron.
False. Popeye would have been called a liar! 100 grams of spinach contain only about 3mg of iron, which is very little. For the record: in 1890, an American researcher performed the autopsy of a spinach leaf. By copying the results, his secretary made a mistake commas. And instead of putting 3mg, 30mg she notes.

The iron is mainly in foods of animal origin.
True. There are 2 kinds of iron: one called heme, ie, better absorbed by the body and the other called non-heme less well absorbed by the body. The heme iron is contained in foods of animal origin such as the bladder, liver, offal, fish ... It is therefore important to eat. Plants, in turn, contain non-haem iron.

Drink a glass of orange juice in the morning is recommended for iron absorption.
True. Oranges contain vitamin C promotes iron absorption by the body. Similarly, consuming fruit and vegetables during meals greatly increases the absorption of iron from other foods.

It is best to avoid drinking coffee or tea after each meal.
True. Some foods promote iron absorption by the body, others the contrary, hinder it. This applies to all those that contain tannins. So, avoid the glass of wine with your meat. And wait a while before you make your tea or coffee at the end of the meal.

We all have different needs for iron.
False. Our needs are different depending on age, sex and life stages of a person. The RDA for men is 9 mg. For a woman, it is 16 mg. But if it is pregnant, she needs more iron, 30 mg (third quarter). For a child aged 1 to 9 years, the daily intake is 7 or 8 mg.

Iron is present in large quantities in the body.
False. Women have about 2.5 grams while men have 4 grams. However, there is a trace element essential for the proper functioning of the body. Every day, the body eliminates a small amount of iron through the dead cells, desquamation, feces and urine. That is why we must meet our daily needs for iron.

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