Tips for Health

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Tips for Health

1. Let the coffee cool: Do not drink coffee or any hot drink, it is more than the risk of cancers of the mouth or esophagus, but are advised to leave the cup cools a bit.

2. Chewing vegetables well: that chewing food well increases the proportion of chemical control of cancer-fired vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and broccoli

3. Walk every day: walking daily for half an hour or an hour reduces the risk of breast cancer by 18% and helps to get rid of 3 kilograms per year and maintains the strength of the body.

4. Eat more almonds: almonds prefer eating between meals daily and when you feel hungry, it is rich in nutrients that may not have a God daily diet.

5. Uncomment a cinnamon coffee: Place half a teaspoon of cinnamon in a cup of coffee daily as contribute to reducing levels of cholesterol in the blood and helps the body use insulin more effectively.

6. There is no need to hurry and speed: You must take the time when doing daily tasks, to avoid exposure to high blood pressure.

7. Chewing gum (chewing gum) between meals: It is recommended chewing sugar free gum after meals for half an hour in order to alleviate the symptoms of stomach acid.

.8= 3 daily rations of vegetables and fruits: Make sure to eat vegetables and fruits daily rate of 3 lots of these could reduce the risk of heart attack by 70%.

Replacing honey for sugar: When sweetening tea or milk you use honey for sugar, its ability to strengthen the immune and anti-microbial.

10. Good selection of sunglasses: You must provide sunglasses good protection from the sun UV radiation that can lead to injury cataracts or blindness in old age, so be sure all care when buying glasses to make sure of good quality.

11. Be sure to follow up on the type of mole on the skin: Research indicates that the ability to observations of changes in various moles on the skin to increase by 13% and that careful observation avoid cancer.

12. Cleaning teeth: Be careful to avoid wetting the toothbrush with water before placing them where the putty dry brush over the possibility to get rid of plaque by 67%.

13. Sleep better: Eating Apples to combat insomnia and sleep deeply Sleeping help to combat premature aging and to keep skin youthful.

14. Replaced bread for the White Asmar: brown bread (whole wheat) contains a greater proportion of dietary fiber, and is therefore more capable saturation, and the carbohydrates in the news the White cause large fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

15. Drinking green tea: try eating a cup of green tea per day, which prevents the antioxidants in the cells of the body, and reduces the possibility of a cancer.

16. Eating fish once a week: despite the fact that specialists recommend By Blogger handling of fish per week, but that eating one serving can help to improve the balance of brain chemicals, and fish is beneficial to heart health and brain.

17. Stop nail-biting: the habit unspoiled beauty hands has caused cracks in the teeth minute, raising the possibility of her caries may lead to small tears in the gum may cause sores and infections.

18. Eat more herbs: herbal natural eating between meals as it helps digestion and rid the body of the toxins and impurities ..

19. Enjoy the escape from: I take the opportunity to leave and tried to prepare a special program to relax and rest after the trouble of a full week of work.

20. Eating two pieces of chocolate every day: where experts argue that chocolate you away anemia and improves mood ..

21. Use sun protection cream: to maintain the integrity of the skin and protect it from wrinkles to be using a cream prevention before exposure to sunlight.

22. Not to carry heavy objects: Stay away from carrying any heavy bags so as not to affect the spine or on the way to stand up and walk a negative way.

23. Attention to color of the tongue: can color of the tongue be an indication of health problems, so be sure to color and in the acquisition of any color is different, Fallon White indicates weakness in the immune system and the yellow color indicates excessive food and drink and red in the tip of the tongue is an indicator of psychological stress.

24. Hiking out of the house: change and out of the daily routine helps to boost morale and keep away from stress and depression as the program should be prepared for a walk outside the home and visit their relatives and friends.

25. Clean clothes: you may not see with the naked eye as carrying microbes, but change and clean to prevent any infection bacteria, microbes, especially with mild heat and high heat of the sun

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