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Epilepsy is a neurological condition that from time to time produces brief disturbances in the natural electrical activity of the brain. And established the natural electrical activity of the brain from the passage of millions of tiny electrical charges between neurons in the brain and spread to all parts of the body, this normal pattern of electrical activity can be disrupted due to start shipments of electrical anomalies sporadic impact electric stronger than usual. And these shipments have an impact on the person's consciousness, bodily movements or sensations for a short period of time and the physical changes are called epileptic seizures and epilepsy, this is called sometimes "spastic disorder." He spoke episodes of abnormal electrical activity in a specific region of the brain and then called Nubia Nubia partial epileptic seizure or epileptic quality. And sometimes occurs in all electrical imbalance of brain cells and here occurs the so-called pocket-epileptic or Grand Assembly. Not because the normal activity of the brain only after the stability of the natural electrical activity. It is possible that factors that lead to epilepsy present since birth, or may occur in the age of late because of an injury, infection or an abnormal structures in the brain or exposure to toxic substances or for other reasons not currently known. There are many diseases or trauma affecting the brain, so make a convulsive fit one. When seizures continue without the presence of organic apparent reason or when the impact of the disease which led to the tension can not be repaired here we call on the name of the disease epilepsy.

Epilepsy affects people of all ages, races, countries and epilepsy also occurs in animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and mice.

What is the difference between seizures and epilepsy??

Cramping a symptom of epilepsy, but epilepsy is ready brain to produce sudden bursts of electrical energy that disrupt other brain functions. That a single seizure in someone who does not necessarily mean that this person is suffering from epilepsy. The high temperature or a severe head injury or lack of oxygen and many other factors could lead to a single seizure.

The epilepsy is an illness or permanent injury, which affects the delicate systems which govern the operation of the brain and the passage of electrical energy in different regions of the brain that produces the imbalance in the electrical activity and the incidence of recurring seizures.

Who is a doctor specializing in the treatment of epilepsy?

Doctors and neuropsychiatric diseases, pediatricians, neurosurgeons and doctors of internal medicine physicians all provide treatment for epilepsy. The difficult cases in the therapy will be treated in the sections of neurological diseases in public hospitals or university or neurological specialists in private hospitals.

Is epilepsy contagious?

No .. Epilepsy is not contagious disease and can be transmitted to you from epilepsy, any of the patients with the disease.

What are the factors that lead to epilepsy?

Out of every 7 of 10 patients with epilepsy is not the cause of the disease. Among the rest, the cause may be one of the factors that affect the functioning of the brain ... and, for example, head injuries or lack of oxygen during birth can injure the remote control electrical activity in the brain. There are other reasons such as brain tumors and genetic diseases, lead poisoning and meningitis and brain.

And always seen as epilepsy of childhood diseases, but it could happen at any age years of age and notes that about 30% of new cases occur in childhood, especially in early childhood and adolescence. There is another time period where the incidence of epilepsy is the age of sixty years of age

How is the diagnosis of epilepsy?

The most important tool in the diagnosis of patients is the exact history of the patient and be done with the assistance of the family and the notes that you write down on the status of the patient and the precise description of the attack. The second is the brain power, a machine that records accurately the electrical activity of the brain by means of wires fixed to the patient's head are recorded electrical signals of nerve cells in the form of radio waves. Waves during epileptic seizures, or between seizures may show special patterns which help the doctor decide whether patient suffering from epilepsy or not. As is the use of CT and MRI to search for the existence of any brain injury that may lead to epilepsy.

How can people avoid seizures again??

Patient can help control seizures by taking the prescribed medication regularly and accurately to maintain regular sleep cycles, avoiding unusual stress, strenuous and constant contact with your physician.

How is epilepsy treated?

Epilepsy may be treated in many ways the most important drug treatment of anti-spasm, and rarely resort to surgery as a treatment for recurrent epileptic seizures.

Drug therapy is the first option and regulations. There are many anti-epileptic drugs. These drugs can control the various forms of Epilepsy. Patients who suffer from more than one type of epilepsy may need to use more than one type of drugs that doctors, despite an attempt to rely on one type of drugs to control the disease. In order to operate this anti-epileptic drugs should get a dose of treatment to a certain level in the blood until you these drugs work to control the disease and must maintain this level in the blood continuously and therefore must be careful to take medicine regularly and full compliance with instructions of the treating physician because the goal of treatment is access to control the disease, God willing, with the lack of any negative symptoms from eating the drugs such as sleeping more and other negative symptoms.

Do you heal epilepsy?

In many cases children overcome their illness and in many cases overcome the disease when they reach puberty, but in some cases of epilepsy continue for life.

There is no way to predict what happens in each individual case. If the heart did not revert to the child for several years, it is likely that the doctor stop the drug to see the impact. If it happened that the child re-Nubia there is no need to worry and fear ... That in all cases the disease can be controlled again by returning to the use of anti-epileptic drugs.

What is the role of genetics in epilepsy?

Rarely arises on the causes of epilepsy and hereditary. There are some few cases that are linked to certain types of electrical waves to the brain a specific type of epileptic seizures, which are genetic

If one parent affected by this genetic epilepsy, the possibility of exposure of children to epilepsy is approximately 10% (the proportion of children born to fathers and mothers do not suffer from epilepsy and succumbed to the disease are 1 - 2%).

Therefore, if you suffer from epilepsy, we propose to conduct genetic test by your doctor to find out how your child likely to be infected with the disease in the future.

If both parents suffer from epilepsy gene, the rate increased for children where they become the possibility of infection is 1: 4. It is useful to note that even if the child has inherited this type of epilepsy, the possibility of controlled successfully using drugs great. We must know that epilepsy does not impede the normal development of personal

What should be done to a patient during a seizure?

May be moments of loss of consciousness during an attack is very short and therefore there is little that can be done to the patient during 0

0 The following are some simple guidelines about what to do Do not try to control the movements of the patient

- Prevent the patient from harming himself - D body on the floor or in bed and beyond any sharp objects or furniture of the reach of his hand.

- Place the patient on his side and make the head tilted slightly back to allow the saliva to get out and to enable him to breathe.

- Bite his tongue.

- Do not try to give him any medication during an attack do not try to wake them.

- Always remember to be patient after heart tired and afraid that the donation of 000 tried to console him as much as you can.

- Remember that your registration of the patient's condition during the seizure and duration of Nubia itself beneficial to the physician.

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