When he has a toothache

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When he has a toothache


Even if this "bad time to go" is essential, you would love to relieve your baby hurt someone ... and you're right!

It looks long before pointing under the gum swelling: disturbed sleep, cheeks red, irritated buttocks are all symptoms that suggest the eruption of the first tooth. Generally, these are the lower central incisors leave first, around 6-7 months. The upper central incisors appear and then quickly follow the first lateral incisor (around 7 to 9 months), the first molar (about 12 months), the first dog (about 18 months) and second molars (around 24 months).
This order is moot. In total, the teeth are the number 20 and are distributed as follows: 4 incisors, 2 canines and 4 molars on each of upper and lower arches.
Yes, chamomile
You've probably heard about the benefits of granules homeopathic Chamomilla. This classic is now teething single dose of oral solution in combination with rhubarb (Rheum), which treats digestive disorders and grapes (Phytolacca), indicated for inflammation of the gums. The interest is there is no indication and cons-especially since the remedy reduces all symptoms associated with teething: loose stools, excessive salivation, painful gums.
No sugar
It is now accepted that no "file" over the baby's gums with sugar! To relieve the sore spot, massage his gums with a tooth without camphor balm (it would cause seizures in some babies). If necessary, if the pain is really intense, you can ask the pediatrician to help the tooth out with a tongue depressor (but are used only by the doctor!).
Yes cold
Right now, your baby has only one desire: to relieve Chewing gums everything within his reach. Then a chilled teething ring (cold relieves pain), why not? But we do not recommend the amber necklace, believed to have soothing on sore teeth, but your baby may inadvertently swallow the beads.

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