Women bear the famine more than men

Publié par happy-diet vendredi 9 avril 2010

Women bear the famine more than men

More than men. According to a study prepared by the St. Petersburg University and published in "Journal of Biochemistry," the cells of female rats and mice nerve to withstand the brunt of famine than boys to it, any female, consuming the amount of fat fed more protein than men.

Doctors said that as a result of this study may help doctors to feed patients clinicians better. He noted researcher Robert Clark, an assistant professor of patients with serious diseases at Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg that "within 24 hours of dying nerve cells in the male with the female nerve cells to mobilize fatty acids and the production of fat as an energy source which helps them to survive."

"We must start to nutrition clinical stage to another," adding that "we can show that malnutrition in the brain during the disease could worsen the situation nervous system of the patient and therefore it is necessary to feed the men and women, boys and girls differently in order to prevent the death of cells of their brains."

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