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The silent killer .. Is the other name for high blood pressure; because it does not suggest any symptoms characteristic, and can get by for years without knowing, some 90% of the cases have no apparent reason; and invades the lives of victims of this disease without any prior warning of infection is discovered by chance in most often, which affects one out of every five adults.

And increased incidence of hypertension increased with the weight of life, especially with our modern life that is almost devoid of anxiety, tension and lack of physical activity and unhealthy lifestyles; from overcrowding and transportation problems to poor nutrition and environmental pollution.

The causes of high blood pressure

There are some factors that help increase the likelihood of infection, including:

- Genetic factors: It has been proven that families where one parent with high blood pressure, another child out of every four children with high blood pressure ..
But if both parents are infected by pressing the likelihood of children infected is a child of the two.

- Obesity and inactivity: it was noted that persons with overweight are susceptible to more stress than others, and when they discount the weight, improve their condition to varying degrees.

- Age: the pressure increases with age, perhaps because in addition to other reasons, low elasticity of the arteries leading to high systolic blood pressure in particular.

- Stress and anxiety: where to play and the personality of the individual nature of his work an important role in susceptibility to high blood pressure, and increases this ability if the person many of tension and nervousness, and if the profession requires him great intellectual effort, or upon receipt of a high degree of burden.

- Excessive salt intake: It is well known that salt is in the organs of the body, which maintains the presence of water in the body Excessive salt intake leads to a larger volume of liquid to be pumped throughout the body, has been observed that people who eat large quantities of salt like Japanese and the population of South Korea, including spreading the disease more than other people.

- Addiction to alcohol or smoking: it is well established that alcohol abuse leads to high blood pressure as a major cause of cardiovascular disease, and stroke.

- Contraceptive pills (oral contraceptives vehicle): it contains the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which causes a slight increase in blood pressure may sometimes cause a sharp rise in blood pressure for some women.

Symptoms of high blood pressure

Most patients do not feel high blood pressure, any symptoms, but symptoms can be caused by complications of high blood pressure, and these symptoms:

- Imbalance and headaches.
- Bleeding nose.
- Pain in the back of the head when you wake up in the morning.
- Pain in the chest.
- Shortness of breath.
- An imbalance in the awareness and focus.
- The weakness in the limbs.
- Convulsions.
- Blurred and double vision.

The symptoms and signs of another, the overall result from the complications or other conditions that lead to high blood pressure include:

- Increased sweating.
- Muscle spasms.
- General weakness.
- Urinate frequently.
- Heart beat quickly.

The effects of high blood pressure and its complications

High blood pressure leads to serious health problems increase intensity if not addressed properly, and vary the effects and complications from person to person depending on the four key risk factors can not be controlled are:

- Age: as risk for high blood pressure with age.
- Ethnicity: Valzenoj are more likely to have high blood pressure than whites.
- Gender: In youth and middle age, men are more susceptible to infection than women, and vice versa later session.
- Family history: it produces high blood pressure by genetic factors.

In general, for high blood pressure negative repercussions on all major organs of the body, but that more members affected are the heart, kidneys and brain to detail the following:

Heart: the result of high blood pressure do not get the heart to the required quantity of blood and oxygen, which could lead to clogged coronary artery and the incidence of heart attack, and that the chronic shortage of heart ischemia may lead to death of part of the heart muscle and heart stopped on the pulse, causing often death.

Brain: a result of the narrowing of the arteries carrying blood-brain ischemia leading to heart comes on the image of a sudden loss of strength and a sense of paralysis, may occur Nubia (stroke) due to rupture of an artery in the brain affecting brain function, and the entry of the patient in a coma.

Kidney: As we know, high blood pressure, leading to a decrease ischemia blood, as a result of the ischemic kidney under usability for the disposal of waste and toxins, and this is called renal insufficiency, which results in the accumulation of toxic substances in the blood.

To control high blood pressure

According to Dr. Ashraf Abdel-Aziz, a professor of nutrition at the Faculty of Home Economics, Helwan University, noted that patients with high pressure can be maintained above the normal blood pressure through a focus on ways of prevention in 8 steps:

- Stop smoking and stay away as much as possible from contact with smokers.

- Exercise daily if possible, or 4 times a week at least, one-half hours a day such as walking and light running and swimming.

- In the event that the patient is obese, it decreases weight by dieting under the supervision of dietitians, the studies have shown that there is a strong relationship between obesity and high blood pressure, and have found that the more weight loss, the less chance of developing high blood pressure, also found that people who have gathered fat in the upper part of the body are more prone to high blood pressure compared with those who have fat accumulation in the lower part.

- Reduction of salt in food and food intake Kalmakhllat salted and spicy food and fried potatoes and cheese, plus salt, canned food, dried soup and ketchup, and preferably reduce salt intake as much as possible, since the human body needs only half a gram of salt a day at most, accounting for
a quarter of a teaspoon, while showing that daily consumption of the year more than four grams of salt, which contributes to high blood pressure significantly.

- Eat more foods rich in calcium, potassium and calcium-rich food such as milk and dairy products, preferably low-fat, and fish eating properly, and the potassium-existent, banana, orange juice, apricots, spinach and tomatoes.

- Limit the intake of saturated fat and cholesterol, which is found in animal foods, cheese, butter, red meat, egg yolk and liver.

- Reduction of drinking coffee and tea as much as possible.

- Stay away from tension and stress.

Password in the natural foods

Away from medicines and drugs, there is a natural character Physicians are advised to address them to reduce blood pressure to avoid damage caused by it .. On top of these recipes drink water ... Because first and foremost protects the rights of drought and diseases of the kidneys and prevents the shocks around the eyes and spinal cord, this is what the researcher Christopher Mathias, because people who suffer from low blood pressure, a sudden they have a bug in the automatic nervous system that controls body functions such as blood pressure and heartbeat heart and sweating, so Water is the best way to reduce the pressure.

Hibiscus ...
Of the most important and best drinks that are used to regulate the body's blood pressure, as recommended by physicians to address boiling hibiscus "Alsaqa" for reducing blood pressure, boiling hibiscus "Alschen" to raise the blood pressure, some pharmacists have been able to Cairo Company for Pharmaceuticals to draw decreases pressure drugs and anti-microbial papers and hibiscus flowers.

Olive leaf ..
Where doctors confirmed its effectiveness in reducing high blood pressure, and the way in is to be taken four tablespoons of fresh olive leaves and wash well and then placed in a pot and add to two glasses of cold water and then placed on the fire until boiling and then taken off the fire and cover and leave aside for ten minutes and filtered and the amount of the patient drink a cup after each meal.

Pear ...
Nutrition experts are advising the patients blood pressure is also being addressed, as they help to alleviate high blood pressure because they contain magnesium, is also a powerful cleanser of the stomach and intestines and the skin is rich in minerals and is considered by the sugar does not affect people with diabetes.

The American Medical Association has revealed in an analysis by the foods and drinks rich in cocoa reduces blood pressure, while it may not result in drinking green tea or black, noting that the decline in blood pressure credited to cocoa could cut the risk of strokes and heart attacks by 10
and 20 percent.

European medical research and opinion, has shown that the core of watermelon after roasted without the addition of salt and eating helps reduce high blood pressure, noting that it also contains many vitamins and minerals ..
The discussion also to the seeds of other fruits, including apricots, which are similar Noi benefits with the benefits of almonds because it contains fat, minerals and vitamins.

There are other foods classified by doctors as the normal way to reduce blood pressure, the most important fruit for oranges, bananas, grape juice, garlic, melons, and cashew nuts, and soy nuts, and plant almonds.

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