Symptoms of infection by intestinal worms and treatment, weakness of the General Body

Parasitic worms:

Worm snake abdomen or Ascaris:

Cylindrical worms does not have loops ranging in length from 15-20 cm, living in the small intestine feed on undigested food and the disposal of feces in the intestine and cause symptoms of general weakness and wasting, indigestion and blockage in the intestine.

Infection: through contamination of food rights eggs of these worms that come out in the faeces of the infected, and when it reaches the intestine of the hatch and out of small worms.


It worms ranging in length from 1 - 1.5 cm and live parasites in the human intestine. And prove itself by sharp teeth in the wall of the intestine. Absorb and feed on blood. For that cause anemia, general weakness and wasting.

Infection: moving small larvae that live in mud contaminated feces of patients to human skin when walking barefoot on the mud if the intervention of the skin to the body and stabilizes after a tour in the intestine to return their life cycle.


The parasitic worms flat tape-like shape of her body composed of rings and the length of the worm per 10 m, small head size of a pinhead, and there are several types of the named type (Tenea Sagiinta) and breadwinner average cows, and live one worm in the human intestine and therefore the only known worm and worm show (Tenea Sagiinata) head in the intestinal wall by four Mmsat and absorb food from the flat surface is long and feces excreted in the intestine leads to poor digestion and colic occurs frequently and a feeling of hunger and the patient's body becomes weak and wasting public.

Infection: out with the feces of infected objects and within the last egg and break down when the spread of eggs attached weed and become infectious to cattle if fed them where eggs hatch in the stomach and graduated from a small moving worms with blood to reach the muscles of the body and settle in the muscles in the form of head and neck (Cystic worm) and rights when dealing with infected beef is cooked well, the worms move to the intestines and begins in the neck growth and create new pieces out pieces of mature and at the end of the worm's body with stool

Herbal treatment of intestinal worms:

There are a large number of herbs used for centuries to treat intestinal worms is the most important herbs as follows:

Onions: ONION onions used to expel intestinal worms in children and the way that the number of slices soaked fresh onions in a little water for 12 hours and filtered in the morning and then given to the child after sweeten with honey and continue on that day until the expulsion of worms from the intestines. You can also use boiled onions Khaknp enema for the expulsion of worms, and boil it half medium onion for 3 minutes at about one liter of water and filtered and then injected into the cold in the anus.

Garlic: GARLIC Garlic is known that the killer of bacteria, it also kills intestinal worms, especially when children and for this purpose is taken three cloves garlic, peeled and boiled in the amount of a cup of milk and then watered the mix of the child once in the morning and is followed by an enema so warm and boil 3 cloves of garlic in the water or milk and milk preferred by three-quarters of the L and then filtered and slowly injected into the hot "about 35 degrees" in the anus and this method kills the intestinal worms in and out with feces.

Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin Seeds take about 70 seed of the pumpkin seeds mature and completely and then peel and mash By raising this with the amount equal to that of sugar until Ametzajhma this paste and eaten on an empty stomach and then eaten fresh bean Islands and maintains it daily for a week and a special worm Hzhalocefp bar "only" If the worm does not appear in the stool will be well placed greater quantity of seed "170 seed," but before using eaten some carrots and some garlic and onions every day for three days without the use of pumpkin seeds on the fourth day of preparing the dough Albdhurkme we have already said, and then divided into two equal parts, one of them eaten in the morning fasting and two hours after eaten Section II, and an hour later and taken one tablespoon of salt England
"Sold in pharmacies," dissolved in half a cup of lukewarm water and this kills the worm, but inevitably they leave may be delayed to the next day and can use this recipe, even for pregnant women and children where
Harm them and must make sure that the head of the worm has come out, since if it did not come out, it could re-configure the worm again.

Ginger: Ginger says the world of herbs Premier Paul Colik
Author of the book (Common Spice and Wonder Drug) that the root of fresh ginger and effective killer for some types of intestinal worms, especially worm Alheitroffic.

Mexican tea: Wormseed tea is a Mexican herb Yearbook length up to one meter serrated leaves and flowers of yellow to green and the user of this herb
Twigs, leaves and flowers together. Containing herb tea Mexican oil pilot boat which is the main Alascaridol This compound is the compound extruder for worms.
Mexican tea used in the form of boiled by taking a tablespoon of plant and fill the cup with boiled for 3 minutes, then cooled and filtered and drink three times a day. With the observation that a plant
Poisonous if dose increased this limit must also pregnant and breastfeeding women and young children not in use.

Anbroc: Papaya user segment of the Anbroc to expel intestinal worms is where the seeds of fruits eaten about 12 stubs chewy once a day and even go out this recipe worms and widespread in Peru and India.

Pineapple: Pineapple contains the fruits of pineapple enzyme known as Rumilen and eat pineapple for three consecutive days without eating infected with anything else that kills intestinal worms and leadeth them out.

Turmeric: Turmeric contains turmeric Jzmor four vehicles have a characteristic kill off worms and can be used with turmeric rice as it is one or spice can be taken a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder once a day.

Clove: Clove is the spices of cloves Anthelmintic can be added to the powder, cloves and pineapple juice Anbroc and eating twice a day or you can save half a teaspoon with
A small amount of milk or water.

Finally, you can use the vehicle described by the following articles is easy and very useful: Tin and Anbroc and pineapple and ginger and cloves and turmeric and the way be taken half the fruit and half the fruit Anbroc
Pineapple Tin Cork and Cork apricot and mixes all Balkhalatp then added to the juice quarterly output teaspoon each of turmeric, cloves, ginger and mix well and then drink this mixture.

Alosrb: Rumex, a herbal plant part used Muammar young twigs from soft where he is eaten fresh branch to Gsnin kills worms worm is a recipe tried and tested

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