8 tips for a summer without cystitis

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8 tips for a summer without cystitis

Cystitis is one of the minor ailments that can ruin the holiday. Our advice to spend a summer without urinary tract infection.

Drink, drink, drink. The more you drink, the more you urinate ... and less germs stagnate in your bladder.

Fight against constipation holidays. The stagnation of feces promotes the proliferation of germs around your urethra. So, remember to consume a maximum of fruits and vegetables bverts. In addition, it's good for your line!

Drink cranberry juice. These small berries come from the United States protects the lining of the bladder by preventing pathogenic bacteria to adhere. The ideal dose: a glass of 30 cl each day.

Avoid bathing suit all day. The sring lycra is pretty on the beach but it maintains a certain inevitable "maceration" of bacteria. So, after sunbathing on the beach, remember to change and opt for a slip at the bottom in cotton. Wash well with a product for personal hygiene when you return from the beach.
And to prevent cystitis after love
- Go to the toilet after each report.

- Take any antibiotic tablet after each report (on prescription).

- Space hugs and avoid excessively long reports.

- Apply a hormone cream on the vulva in the case of Atrop

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