Sleep disorder in children undermines development

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Sleep disorder in children undermines development

The sleep disorders in children of the problems that haunt parents and children stop breathing when one of the reasons

Home to the disruption of sleep and stop breathing for more than 10 seconds, more than 10 - 15 times an hour or more

30 - 60 times in a night's sleep about 8 hours, is the primary monitor for the diagnosis of this disease, and affects

This disease is about 3% of children before school age 3 - 6 years, and non-detection and diagnosis

Early lead to poor physical and mental growth of children as well as poor academic achievement, as well as hyperactivity

In the movement of the child.

And reliable diagnosis, he says. Hatem Rajai Research Assistant Professor, Department of children with special needs

National Research Center on a complaint by parents that their children are issuing loud noises during sleep (snoring) as well as

Note periods of apnea during sleep, and hyperactivity with tears several times during sleep.

The enlarged tonsils and adenoids of the main causes of this disease, as well as nasal allergies, and chest inflammation

Sinuses as well as the small size of the jaws or no growth cheekbones, and the diagnosis depends on some tests

During sleep and the proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide in blood and EKG and EMG, brain, and is the eradication of

Tonsils and adenoids are the most successful means of treatment as well as the treatment of allergies and sinuses and the use of certain devices

Which prevents the tongue fall back during sleep

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